Your work and Life ---131

In this day and age, everyone has their own thoughts and opinions for the phrase “work and life balance”. One could say that it could mean managing your time like work for 8 hours, play for 8 hours, and the remaining 8 for rest. For this meaning, I would agree with but in reality it would all depend on the situation that we are in. 

Here at Linkstyle, as many of you know we are a startup, you might ask how that makes us any different from the many other startups. Well, for this, I have a memory to share. It was a while back and I had the opportunity to speak with our CEO and from what he told me is that as a startup company, it doesn’t matter how much we do on a daily basis or how close we are to getting to our goal, we are to be aware that time isn’t on our side as we are still growing and that it takes time to pursue the bigger picture than compared to looking at our goals like a daydream and expect that it could be done in a short time frame. 

With 2020 now coming to an end, it’s a great time for us to reflect on how we have been doing and what areas we still need to improve in, whether we keep doing one thing or stop doing another. This is why our team uses weekly reports so that our supervisor can see what we do and allows us to see what we have done over the week. Of course, the reason I am mentioning this is because this helps me balance out my daily schedule either for work or my activities when I am not on the clock. 

From everyone here at Linkstyle, we wish you all a Happy New Year to you and your family and may you all stay safe.

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