You Can’t Put a Price on Service ---072

As I walked out of the restaurant, I wondered to myself, “Why did I tip that guy so much? He didn’t even do anything” Most restaurants receive tips for the services they provide. If you don’t tip, it’s seen as rude and ill-mannered. However, what if you just dined in and didn’t bother any of the waiters? Do you still feel obligated to tip them? 

The answer to this question depends on many factors. First, what does a tip cover? The most basic and probably the most important reason: you are occupying space and dining in, rather than eating the food somewhere else. Service can be expressed in different ways. Having comfortable seats, a good atmosphere, and a friendly staff are all part of that service. Even if you feel like the waiter is not entitled to the tip,

In relation to e-commerce, the service we provide is a consistent channel for customer service-related questions as well as full coverage for the item you are purchasing. You might think “Oh, I’m only paying for the item... “ No matter how expensive your order is, or how many items you buy, we will still offer you the same great service that we give to every customer.  We believe that providing our customers with a good experience will develop loyal customers. What we want to get is not just a short-term customer, Our goal is to make each new customer into potentially becoming a repeat customer. We believe that is the right way to bring us one step closer to a more successful business.

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