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Human beings are nature’s worst enemy. In order to survive, we have to find more efficient ways to distribute tasks and create solutions.  However, as the world keeps changing, our brains adapt and get lazier. It starts to create an alternate reality. One that is less productive and more keen on the tactics used to take advantage of others. 

In most cases, we can tell when a customer is lying to us. For example, if they show too much unreasonable emotion, it’s a clear sign they could be lying. One time a customer told us that she just spent all her money on this item and she needs a replacement because it wasn’t delivered even though the tracking shows it was delivered. After processing this logically, shouldn’t you ask for a refund instead since you used all your money on one item? Do you even need money? Nonetheless, we sent her a replacement. Once she received it, she claimed that it was defective and that it only worked for two days, despite having it for a week and contacting us 5 days after it was defective.. She asked for a refund on top. It’s kind of ridiculous.. However, that is the cost of operating a business. 

Fraud is very common in the retail industry. In another case, we had a customer chargeback a purchase for no apparent reason. For some background information, the customer never contacted us regarding this purchase so we simply assumed he did it to get a free item. It’s very common but there’s nothing we can do to stop it. 

Back in grade school, we had to journalize our activities for our physical education class. Some students wrote down that they walked for 20 minutes. To me, walking is like breathing. It’s an automatic function that all human beings have. These days, I guess being a human being is too much work for society. I find it not challenging enough. I want to be something bigger than a human being, something more. 

If you are a new company, be ready to face challenges. Learning the human psyche is crucial to dealing with customers. Years and years of experience led us to mold and craft Linkstyle’s customer service. Learn from experience, execute with style.


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