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Wearable technology plays an important part in the IoT world. Being able to connect your accessories to your main devices gives you more convenience in using them. Since wearable technology works in coordination with smartphones or apps, it makes the connection seamless. 

The most popular form of wearable tech are smartwatches. Smartwatches can do a multitude of things that regular watches can’t. For example, you can track your fitness activities, monitor your heart rate, pace, calories, etc. It even has all the normal functions of a watch, such as alarms, telling time, and so on, making it much more practical than a real watch. If you’re not a super-rich guy, why would you buy a Rolex over a smartwatch? You wouldn’t! 

Wearable tech comes in many different forms. One of the most innovative ones I have seen are Bose Sunglasses Alto. It’s not your ordinary sunglasses. It’s capable of playing audio directly into your ears. You may be wondering how that’s possible, or even practical. Won’t other people hear your audio? Crazily enough, they can’t. It functions as earphones and it also functions as a fashion piece. 

Wearable tech is designed to make your life easier. It should give you the style of fashion, and the utility of technology, bringing together a device of ultimate convenience.

At Linkstyle, these are the products we try to sell. Products that deliver. Fashion and utility. The perfect combination.



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