Waiting in Line ---099

Two years ago, I wrote a blog about waiting in line and complaining about the long wait times. A quote from the blog “How long are you willing to wait to be seated at a restaurant?” “Last weekend, my friends and I met in Santa Clara. We almost waited for about 45 minutes to 1 hour every time.” I look back and I wish times were as simple as this. Ironically, I mentioned, “With the change of our living habits and conditions, the chance of getting together gradually decreases.” It makes me think about how we took things for granted since the world changed so fast. 

As the economy is slowly reopening, I’m going to have more appreciation for the services we have. Things such as waiting in line, being able to sit together with other people, and just being with others for a shared experience like fireworks or festivals may not come again for a long time. 

A value that we hold at Linkstyle is loyalty. Even though the conditions have changed, we still appreciate all our loyal customers who make regular purchases. Even after the apocalypse just happened, we still have customers who come and expect the same great service. As always, anyone who shops at Linkstyle, we will consider a dear friend. When the world is back to normal, I hope we have the same annoyingly long queues and lines again. 


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