U-Pick ---006

The temperature in May is getting warmer, and the arrival of summer is gradually approaching. During the spring and summer of the season fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries have matured. All kinds of sweet and delicious seasonal delights can not only be bought in the supermarket, but also can be picked on the farm in person.

If you are still planning a long weekend on a memorial day with friends or family, consider cherry picking. Getting the family out of the house will be the hardest part but is well worth the struggle to experience new things. Leave the dull city's neighbor view, enter the suburbs, all the way picturesque, and walk around to get closer to nature all while enjoy the sunshine and fresh air during the spring and summer!

I hope to bring children not only an activity close to nature but also to let them understand the importance of the family. The experience should be more than a weekend out away from technology and internet for the most part but to produce priceless memories. Going out with the family does not need to be an all-out trip to a farm but a simple drive to the nearest park will work wonders. Have a picnic and invite your friends and immediate family to bring everyone closer. In the future, no matter how many difficulties and challenges they will encountered, the whole family will always stick together and be the happiest moments in life.

P.S.: Before you go, it's best to check the weather in advance, and then call the farm to confirm the open time. Their website will often update the time to pick fruit, but via through phone is the best way to confirm.

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