Tracking your return and feeling ---039

If you have ever ordered from Amazon before, you would be surprised by how smooth the return process is.; Amazon offers a drop-down menu that allows the customer to select the reason for return and the instructions on how to return the package. It is all automated, so it drops a good amount of weight off the shoulder of the seller and it saves the hassle of contacting customer service. It also benefits the seller because it shows them the reason for return, which allows them to collect feedback on why the item may be problematic for selling.

It saves time for both parties and it also solves the inconveniences of emailing back and forth with a third seller. Their automated return process is a good system for the masses, however, I believe that being a small company, there are some advantages to spending more time on our customers.

Sometimes when business is slow, we have the opportunity to spend more time on customer solutions. Getting more details on the reason for return and how the customer feels about the issue may cost more time and labor, but it is a way for us to improve our service. Not all problems are solved with simple answers. We want to solve the customer’s issue as well as the issue with the product so that it does not happen again for future customers. Here at Linkstyle, we are customer-focused and we try our best to cater to every case with detail and consideration.

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