Time Management is a Key to Success ---111

One task I find to be difficult is managing time. Time management is key to being productive and successful. For me personally, I have trouble because I am such an efficient worker, I would run out of things to do once my tasks are completed. I would fail to add more things to my agenda because every time I add something to the agenda I would complete it instantly because I do not like having work on my to do list. It is just something in my nature that I can’t control. Similar to being in debt, if someone does me a favor, I have to repay that person immediately because I cannot stand having to owe someone something and they use it against me when I am most vulnerable. Or if I am in financial debt, I will sell my house and car to get out of debt because I don’t want to go into a downward spiral of racking interest. 

How do you cover time across a day, what can you do during the empty periods that you are not working, that is time management. Here at Linkstyle, we believe that being able to manage your time is important in everyday life. To be able to manage your time and make sure that things are done efficiently and correctly will allow us to complete our tasks and to be able to better serve our customers. We encourage our employees to practice with their time management so that they do not feel rushed to complete tasks and make mistakes. 

We want our employees to learn how to manage their time because it will help them with their own workload. If they put things to the side and say that they would do them later then the workload will build up until it gets overwhelming, thereby giving our employees stress. With time management, they will be able to not only complete their work but also limit their stress as well as help them be more responsible. So, in the long-term, mastering time management amongst our employees is a valuable tool for our company.


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