Often we will get a call from a customer who needs technical support for a product. We are not talking about regular technical support but the kind of technical support for someone who purchased a product and completely does not know how to use it. Most people would find this to be absurd. Would you really find a customer representative who would spend hours on one customer?

It was a nice Friday afternoon. A customer called in and asked if he could get assistance with installing his rearview camera. I said sure, I can help you with that, just plug this wire into that and you should be good to go. He said, “No, I can’t understand what you’re saying, let’s facetime and you help me get it set up or else I’ll have to return it and leave a bad review for your company.” I didn’t want our company to receive a bad review so I called his number and looked through his phone. This was a difficult task since I do not know or have any experience of installing a dashcam. I just gave him the response that I would be instructed to give and usually the customer can figure it out for himself. Anyways, I had to watch a Youtube video while simultaneously telling him what to do. It was like a monkey teaching a monkey or a baby teaching a baby. After spending 2.5 hours with him, we finally got it set up and it was one of the proudest moments of my life because I invested so much time into a customer and it actually paid off after looking at his satisfaction with the product. Sure, I did not expect much in return, but we don’t ask for what we get. Our main goal is to treat all customers as friends and one day we hope that they return to us to experience the same Linkstyle service. 


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