The Effects of Handling Angry Customers ---089


More recently, we have been receiving a number of returns in a used condition. When we receive a return package from a customer, we expect the item to be in a resellable condition, otherwise, we wouldn’t authorize a return. Anyways, the returns in this condition are usually followed by a restocking fee. I always hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that is the law of the world. 95% of the time, the customer will start shouting at me in a fit of anger that is similar to domestic abuse, saying they packed it properly and that they included everything in the order. Regardless of what they say, the risk of damaging a package or forgetting to include a piece in the order is not uncommon. I have to put the volume at 1 and pray to God they don’t hurt their family or someone in real life over $6. 

This is the harsh life of responding to calls and emails. One of our coworkers recently resigned for reasons related to this. She had to deal with these types of customers so much, it might have caused some negative attitude. It forced her to take a break, and soon leave. It is sad and tragic to see what type of damage a customer can do. However, we always encourage our employees to challenge themselves and go the extra mile. These small hurdles are what makes the job difficult, fun, and challenging. Being numb to the angry responses of an enraged customer is the true meaning of ascension. When you are numb to the frustration, the anger, and the madness, I believe that is when you are in the state of mind to execute a perfect response. There is no hesitation, and there is only professionalism in the work. The company solely relies on you to do your job, and you don’t need to ask for unnecessary help. A truly reliable employee who finishes all their work without the need to question. 

It was a tragic journey to see an upcoming onboarding employee leave as an onboarding employee. The drive to learn and the willpower to keep working slowly dissipated. It is important for the employee’s values to align with the value of the company. When employees are let go, we see it as an unfortunate event, but it is ultimately what is best for the company and for the former employee. Two entities parting ways, as their two goals are expanding in opposite paths.

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