The Best Service Starts With Protection ---028

Can you think of an experience where you ordered an item but it arrived in damaged packaging? We understand how that feels. It is not a great experience to wait days and weeks just to receive something that arrived in poor condition. And what’s more discouraging? You have to wait a few more days for the return process to finish. That’s an enormous amount of trouble for something that is out of your control. We believe that the best service starts with protection. Good packaging will leave a good first impression on the customer. Are you likely to order from the company again after receiving damaged goods? Probably not. Packaging is one of the first steps to building a relationship with the customer. You can see the treatment of the packaging as being similar to the treatment of a customer.

 Modern packaging technology has become very standard. You receive an item wrapped in a bubble mailer or postal box. However, items can still be damaged frequently due to improper organizing. Most damaged packages usually occur in the warehouse during the packing process. Since the accidents are derived from human error, it is important to approach this situation with caution in mind. Package returns are very troublesome for both the customer and the business.

We understand that not every order will be perfect. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need improve the structure. It is in our best interests to minimize the danger of our packages being damaged. A good load is efficient in interior package spacing and organized stacking. At LinkStyle, we want to get the package in your hands as safely as possible. A well-protected package is the first step to better service.


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