The Benefits of Transparency ---023

Sherman Ofra, a general manager at the pharmaceutical company Wellcome Israel. In 1995, the company Glaxo successfully acquired Wellcome and was in the process of a merger. What was the predicament? She had no trust in the management. There is a hidden stress in the aftermath of a company merger. She was unsure of her future, as well as her employees. We learning this study that mergers can cause a great deal of stress to current employees. The main concern here is “Is a merger a good idea for both parties?” People’s jobs were at risk. What can be done in order to make everyone feel at ease?

In Sherman’s situation, she decided to be proactive about the dilemma. The whole marketing department was at risk of losing their jobs. She had to convince management keep the department whole.  During the change, Sherman had to demonstrate her role as general manager. This was difficult to overcome since both companies are still getting familiar with each other. However, her efforts were not wasted. She put an enormous amount of effort and energy into gaining the respect and trust of the other merged half. The atmosphere of the company quickly changed. The opportunity for change had to be created. It wasn’t possible without the help of Sherman. In this meeting, she will have to build trust with the opposing company Glaxo.

After the meeting, Sherman should take into account the overall mood and tension of what happened. It’s best to weigh the pros and cons before looking for employment at another place. A collaboration with her team is needed to get points across to Glaxo management. She would have to inform Glaxo on how to move forward with the company, as well as provide reasons to not terminate the marketing department. I believe this can be a positive outcome for all parties.

Here at Linkstyle, we have the same belief as Sherman. Transparency is crucial for two businesses to succeed. For us, it is important to be open and transparent about certain situations. In Sherman’s case, she has the capabilities to provide an open forum and discuss about what’s wrong. The advice we would give to her and to all our supporters: Be considerate, take action when needed, address problems. That is how we will build a better relationship with our audience.


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