Thank U ---128

With just a few weeks in 2020, we here at Linkstyle know that this year has been one of the toughest years that many of you had to go through. We would like to take this time to show you all how grateful we are to have customers like you. At Linkstyle appreciate your patience and understanding that our standard carrier for deliveries has been drained of labor due to the current pandemic. Also, with the pandemic came the rise of more orders when compared to last year, we have taken more attention to inventory control to ensure that customers like you are getting what you ordered on time while staying at home like electronics, web cameras, and accessories to decorate around your home.

We want to have an impact on the world, to be able to help others. Obviously, we aren’t trying to set up a dream that is unachievable. We just want to hear from you all what some of your ideas are so that we can have the chance to get the product published to allow you, the customer, to place the order online instead of putting you and your family at risk by going into a retail store and buying the item there. 

We all here at Linkstyle would like to wish you and your family a happy holidays and happy new year. 

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