Teamwork makes it Possible--- 133

As many people know, the idea of teamwork has been an old topic within many companies when it comes to sharing their success stories. However, I do believe that even this idea that teamwork is key in a business has been around for decades but the definition of it changes as time goes by. While attending the virtual CES this year, I was inspired by the words of Walmart’s CEO who said that this year has been a very challenging one and while their team had to deal with a lot of tough decisions moving forward on projects, it was still really tough since what they were facing was something that has not been seen before. It goes on to everyone regardless of their position and department shared their thoughts and ideas during the meeting and from there turned the problem into an opportunity which not only solved the problem but also let them take a step forward towards success.

Here at Linkstyle, we understand the feeling that the Walmart CEO was conveying as since we are a startup and not a big corporation, we have to learn from each other in order to grow and get better. While there will be failures down the road, everyone would learn from it and grow together. This is how the definition of teamwork is in our team’s mind at Linkstyle and that is why we believe that it is our core value at Linkstyle as well. 

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