We know that for most businesses in the retail or eCommerce industry, periods of low sales seasons happen often. Sales might not be at their peak and as a result, most people may find some time to take a vacation since there is not much work to focus on. If you have a child, it would be the best time to take a family summer vacation.

What about us, Linkstyle? It’s the perfect time to adjust… and by adjusting we don’t mean taking a vacation and relaxing all summer. Recently, our main project is focusing on quality control. Normally we have a lot of confidence in our product and it’s packaging, but this time we are requiring ourselves to be a little more picky. We don’t just care about the quality of the item itself, but we also check the packaging of the item before we ship it out. It is in our best interest to make sure that the item arrives in pristine condition before it reaches the customer’s door. How does this work?

Basically, the process of the whole operation is as follows.

Picker >> Scanner >> Packer.

During each step of the process, we check the quality of the packaging as well as the item.  We understand that the cost will go up because every role being required to check the packaging in each process of the logistics operation which may delay the time it takes to fulfill orders. Despite that, there is still a high risk that the package could be damaged after we hand it to the carrier. These events are out of our control, but we believe that through persistence, the risk of sending out damaged packaging will be lessened, resulting in fewer complaints and a more successful business. LinkStyle is about taking the extra step to making our customers happy, even if it costs us more time and labor. 

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