During these uncertain times, we take the safety of our employees very seriously. More recently, we started taking the temperatures of our workers before their shifts begin. This is to ensure that all employees are working in a condition that would not endanger others. Since we are generally a small company, keeping track of everyone’s temperature is relatively easy. After learning about Amazon’s safety procedures, we decided to adopt some of their practices since we are in the same business of operations. Recently, there has been some backlash towards Amazon. Workers are suggesting that they should stay home and not be forced to work because of the pandemic going on. 

What can a high temperature tell you? Someone with a high temperature will most likely have a fever. Fevers occur when your body is working hard to protect your immune system. This usually signifies that you are sick. In this case, employees are encouraged to stay home to prevent others from getting infected.

With these preventive measures, we hope that we will do our part in keeping the infections from spreading. Stay safe everyone!

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