Right before I headed to work, I like to drive over to Starbucks to pick up a nice iced coffee. Though I never drink coffee on a regular basis, I wondered if it will boost my productivity levels at work. And so, I started the experiment. Every time I tried caffeine, it has never really affected my mood or activity levels. I feel like it’s a placebo, or maybe the coffee was not strong enough. This time, I grabbed a cold brew instead of a regular coffee. I read somewhere online that cold brews use two times the ratio of coffee to water, resulting in more caffeine intake. 

I picked up my cold brew, chugged all of it, and went straight to work. It was a surprise, the caffeine actually boosted my energy levels. I have a constant stream of thoughts going on inside my head and I can keep typing nonstop.

In my opinion, all workers should be fed coffee before work. It gives you a 70% increase in productivity for a small price of $5. If I were an employer, I would serve coffee to all my employees and get more out of the wages I’m paying them. I always thought that Starbucks was overpriced because their menu was mostly catered to the working class. Just kidding, I still think it is overpriced, but it’s very convenient to just grab a cup and go. I think that investing in a coffee machine could be good for your household. Everyone feels tired in the morning and caffeine doesn’t really hurt you or affect you negatively. However, having too much of one thing is not good for you. Moderation is the key to success. 

That’s what we are trying to practice. To not over-DO things, test the waters, experiment with new strategies, and see what works or not. Not every plan is executed perfectly, but through trial and error we can solve any problem in our way. 

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