CV19 has disrupted many businesses, but that doesn’t mean that there aren't any opportunities available anymore. Since everyone is staying at home, it’s inevitable that there will be less economic activity. As more people are working from home these days, we noticed that there is simultaneously more demand for work-from-home-related equipment such as webcams, keyboards, and mice. We realized that there will always be a demand for certain types of items, depending on the trend that is happening. 

Students and workers are using conference calls more often, we noticed that this is a great opportunity to prepare our supplies. It’s also a great opportunity to get more reviews for these products. Reviews are permanent, which means that building a reservoir of positive reviews can significantly increase the conversion rate of some products for the long term. Webcams, keyboards, and mice are all non-cyclical items that are essential for work, no matter what the situation is. This is great for business and allows for the sales of these products to be more sustainable. Sometimes we will have items that go into clearance because the sales are just not good enough. The items will eventually be discarded and the loss will be eaten up. 

We will always continue to develop strategies for business, regardless of the depressed situation, so don’t expect us to stop servicing you any time soon


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