Staying safe ---141

As many of you have seen in recent days, there has been an easing of restrictions that were set due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As this is seen as good news as it shows that the spread of the virus is slowing down, that does not mean that the virus is going away. There are still people getting sick and there are still not enough people getting vaccinated in time for everyone to lower their guard. Here at Linkstyle, we are taking every precaution we can to do our part in making sure that our employees are following the recommended guidelines from the CDC: always having a mask on, practicing social distancing, making sure to thoroughly wash your hands and using hand sanitizer when necessary. All of this, so that we can do our best to make sure that our employees are safe when they are doing their jobs. This also brings up a lesson that can be applied to small businesses: precautions. Now, you may be asking: how does making precautions translate to a small business? Well, taking precautions while owning a small business is a good thing as you are making sure that whatever you are doing, if it goes bad then there is a sort of failsafe to make sure that the damage that will happen will not be as bad. While it is true that you can not truly succeed without taking risks, making sure that you have some protection and making sure that your business does not take too much damage. It’s kind of same as when you are making sure that your house has a security system around it. That is the same with a small business, especially now with all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. We must make sure that we are prepared so that if the worse does come, then it will not be as severe.

We here at Linkstyle, we are doing everything we can to make sure that all of our employees are staying safe and that we here hope you all are staying safe during these difficult times.   

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