During these unusual times, we are forced to stay at home and find things to do to be productive. For those of you who are furloughed, how do you guys spend your days while businesses are temporarily closed? Write to us in the comments below. 

Being productive can be hard when the economy is shut down. It’s almost impossible to find a job and everything is out of business. Your rent is due and you can’t make next month’s payments. I believe that in hard times like these, it’s a good idea to make the best of a situation. How can you make money if you don’t have a job? I thought about this situation as I was preparing for the apocalypse. There is little money to be made outside, so we have to make money inside.

My favorite quarantine hobby is to do some research on the stock market. Right now the market is extremely volatile, so if I make any favorable trades, it can net a big profit. Being productive in a time where everything is shut down is the best thing you can do! What are some things you guys like doing at home? I found meditating to be extremely helpful, especially when we are all stressed from the current events happening. When I meditate, I like to let my thoughts go wild and play random images and noises in my head. No matter what we do, it’s best to keep your mental health stable. I know some of us can’t stand being inside for more than an hour, but we just have to find activities to keep ourselves occupied. 

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