So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen ---009

Parting is the issue that will always be encountered in life. When the graduation season is underway, you will be separated from the classmates who were studying day and night to prepare for the exam. Or the pets who were accompanied by you since childhood that have reached their lifespan. They have to undergo a separation of life and death because of age, or couples break up because of some reason in a love story. The impression of people leaving seems always sorrowful.

One of my colleagues recently issued a resignation notice. At that time, I was very surprised because, in our daily conversations, he did not show any dissatisfaction with his work or the company. However, from his goodbye email, I learned that he had carefully thought about it. Indeed, every job is a piece of a puzzle. It is to accumulate the required professionalism and experience to achieve the ultimate career path.

On the first day of entering the company, setting up to prepare for the skills that will be developed, what knowledge is gained, what goals are achieved, and choosing to leave when finished is a never-ending process for self-growth. During this period, even if you encounter a setback in your work environment or in your relationships, being patient and overcome difficulties is a necessity to perform well. Now I believe he has already completed his original goal in his job. So he can boldly move towards his next career.

Fortunately, what he said from his mouth was that he was leaving this position and he was not leaving the company.

I know this may be a bit contradictory. Even if he eventually leaves the company to increase his professional field, closer to the dream, which is also commensurate with our company’s spiritual slogan “go to the extra mile” It is not just the work attitude, but thinking about it, he is not dissatisfied with the company's system or treatment and it also encourages us to make breakthroughs in our challenges like family, career or life planning, and to pursue a better future.


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