Small change, BIG WINS ---002

To be honest, I'm really not good at video games. I'm willing to recognize this fact after I played hundreds of games, but I still like and enjoy playing games with my friends (except the part that they say I play badly.)

So obviously, I'm not going to say about how to be a professional player, but I can talk about how to become a professional player first because I'm doing it now.

According to Confucius, "A good tool is a prerequisite for successful execution." As a pre-professional player, I would say that I need a good controller. This is the only controller I need in the game world. Depending on the type of game you want to play. I prefer to play fast action games, which will allow me to go straight to the back line with a straight smile without getting into trouble setting the game parameters.

Of course, these games made me go crazy on my controller. This is why the joysticks are easily worn out. My friend told me to get a cell phone sticker to attach to it, but it did not help at all.


Although there has been a bad experience, still wanting to achieve victory in NBA 2k18, so I used Aluminum Alloy Joystick to replaced the original joystick. This will help support my fingers by lessening the pain and irritation associated with gaming. Also, allows me to have better control movement while playing. Maybe it helped me build confidence so that made me increased my shooting accuracy and skill level has increased. My friends were also surprised that I have improved a lot. Thank you, Aluminum Alloy Joystick. Thank you for being my friend who grew up with me in the game.


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