Service Trends Are Changing ---013

Brand and service trends seem to have entered the same track, and various industries have dedicated a lot of time designing intimate services through customer perspectives and opinions.

In recent years, the apparel industry's online platform launched the "virtual fitting room technology" service, that those restaurants that did not provide food delivery gradually began to cooperate with Uber to let customers enjoy the food anytime throughout the rest of the day. It is another service that can be provided that makes the overall experience easier for the customer. This creates a whole new meaning of customer gratification making sure that each customer has an even better experience before. The restaurants that did not offer food delivery have also changed, they have started working with uber to let customers enjoy the food in a given time. Also, the coffee shop also provides the mobile ordering application, then the customer can save time during the checkout process.

We understand that service design has gradually become Mainstream Marketing targets. Our mission as a company wants to make every part of the process for the customer similar to these new services. We hope that in the near future there will an amazing service deliver to our customers, inspire our customers.

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