Service is Our Core Value ---134

As an E-Store, we sell electronic accessories suited for this generation, we realize that the market is pretty competitive. Since more people now are dependent on the internet not just to buy goods but they also go online to see what others say about a product before making a decision. Also. everything can also be learned easily through the internet, allowing people to gain the basic knowledge to learn how to have and own their own online business such as purchasing items in bulk at a lower price from a supplier to making their own revenue. 

One could ask themselves, why did we still decide to build our brand and just sell a few products instead of choosing the more money making route of selling thousands of items to make more revenue. Well, this is where we have been telling everyone about for quite some time. And that is our vision which is that we aim to bring you the information, guides, and products that will make your home more intelligent and your life more enchanted. What this means is that we would never put ourselves as a vendor who sells “products”, instead what we sell to our customers is a solution that would provide our customers a bridge of sorts to connect them to a different lifestyle and shopping experience. Therefore, before we publish any of our products online, we take our time to do research on the item as well as find any problems with the item through customer feedback and reviews left for us. 

We here at Linkstyle believe that Sales and Services are both connected together in that we give our attention to make sure we serve our customers with the best customer service so that our customers can see how great our services and thus would like to buy more items from us

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