Satisfying Customers ---010

Summer is coming. What do you usually do in the watermelon season? It’s the perfect time to have a road trip with family, friends or you can just have an adventure exploring the world on your own. But if you plan to have a solo trip make sure you can overcome the long road trip with drive alone.

Couple weeks ago, there was a long weekend due to memorial day, so I took a road trip with my friends around the NorCal (Northern Region of California). Before any trip, we always do research about the location of the popular restaurants and coffee shops near the tourist attraction. But usually, the prices are high at restaurants in tourist attractions, deter us from wanting to spend too much money on meals and ensure enough portions to be full. We’ll go to Whole Foods.

Learning from experience we have from previous travels shows the benefits of grocery based goods rather than dining establishments, includes a larger variety of food, affordable pricing, and the goods display rack with space arrangement to feel spacious and comfortable. It is a chance for the driver to relax. I would say Whole Foods is similar to a small food court. Providing tables and chairs so their customers can enjoy meals directly after purchase, completing the service formula from item quality to consumption. They provide eating utensils and toaster, it is a great substitution for us than eating breakfast in the hotel.

In recent years, with the rise of health awareness, more and more people are beginning to care about the safety of food sources and thinking that all kinds of organic foods can eat healthier. Compared to other supermarkets, Whole Foods not only provides organic fresh fruits and vegetables but also shows how to cook. It is an opportunity for many young people to learn to cook.

Although the price of organic food is slightly more expensive, with the display design and product introduction, they established the impression that when consumers are looking for organic products, customers just go Whole Foods.

Their designed service revolves around their customer, in addition to satisfying the basic needs of customers, their loyalty, and dependence on the brand. This is what we here Linkstyle are working on, when the customer asks for any request, in addition to thinking about how to solve the problem, we also think about how to make them satisfied and prevent further problems similar in the future.

It is good for the mind and body to go out to enjoy life to its fullest given the opportunity to explore your area frugally. A good way to save would be to buy grocery based foods as it cuts down the cost of necessities of food and water. Alongside, the other many benefits of grocery based foods in higher quality organic establishments make the idea more appealing to try it out. To finish it all off with a great experience with your friends and family.

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