Safely Enjoy the 4th of July ---012

This July 4th, it will be 242 years since the American Founding Fathers signed the "Declaration of Independence".    The signers told King George that the colonies were forming a new nation, the United States of America.  We use this day to recognize the bravery of the Americans who fought to free themselves from the tyranny of the British.

Since it is a national holiday, people will take time off from work to celebrate with family and friends.    Many will take advantage of the holiday to extend their vacation and go on trips. 

Others will invite family and friends over for BBQ treats such as hamburgers, hot dogs (or bratwurst, my favorite!) along with potato salad, chips and such.  And of course, these summer treats need to be washed down with beverages such as fresh made lemonade, iced tea or even adult beverages.

That brings to mind the need to celebrate in safety.    If you drink, please do so responsibly.     If you have too much to drink and need to go home, have a designated driver to help you or use a service such as Uber or Lyft.

Fireworks are of course part of the celebration.   Cities and local business often sponsor public fireworks displays for all to enjoy.  And to protect the public from fire hazards and harm to others, fireworks are banned within many city limits, so please keep that in mind.   And don't forget dog!  Their hearing is sensitive and they are frightened by fireworks.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July and celebrate freedom!



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