Review it, then improve it ---090

When the weekend is coming, people might be getting messages from friends to invite them to weekend parties. The beginning of the message would confirm what plans are on the weekend. Maybe many people do not answer this question with thought other than “Yes I will.” But have you ever thought about this question, “what are my plans for the weekend?”

I was surprised that one of my friends answered me that he will review what he has been doing this past week.. It was a question that I did not think about. I believe that reviewing what you did for the week is helpful in planning for the next week. Learning on how you can make improvements and so on. Noting down the list of things you did this week can help you pinpoint what’s important such as removing unnecessary tasks to clean up your system. Starting this month, I am planning on doing a weekly review of all my activities. Learning how to manage oneself is the key to self-improvement. If you are not tracking your progress, how can you see or make improvements? For me personally, creating an agenda and writing a self-summary can be meditating. 

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