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Breaking an item can leave you with an unsatisfactory reaction.. It is important to let us know what happened so can provide a solution for you. Sometimes an item may be damaged during the shipping process and it is our job to fix the problem. 

Other times, you may find yourself having trouble installing an item and accidentally breaking it. In cases like this, it is important to provide pictures and send us feedback so `we can use it to prevent any similar cases from happening in the future. For a few of our items, professional installation is required since our technical experts are not available 24/7. 

Have you ever had trouble installing rearview cameras? If you order something and you don’t know how to install it, you maybe should have reconsidered the purchase. .Often we will get customers who buy a product and but don’t know how to get it setup. Planning your purchase is a valuable skill that will save your time and our time. 

One time I ordered a spare battery for my phone since the old one was dying. I thought the process was simple, all I had to do was take apart the phone, replace the old battery with the new one. It turned out to be extremely difficult, and I accidentally broke my phone in the process. Even after getting the necessary toolkit and watching numerous videos online, it was almost impossible to do with amateur hands.

Taking responsibility is important because your honest feedback can help us determine what we need to improve on. At Linkstyle, we want our customers to have a great experience with every purchase.


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