It’s been half a year since the pandemic began. It is one hundred percent confirmed that there is no recovery from this and I am currently writing from an apocalyptic bunker with hopes to avoid contagion from my fellow human beings. Shopping, dining out, and outdoor recreational activities are totally different now. Last week, I met some friends and we had a conversation related to our work. They said we are lucky to be in the ecommerce industry because we still have our jobs. Yes, but no. Of course the pandemic has pushed all online sales by more than 50% but it’s not just luck. We believe every business has their own approaches to set up a strategic plan to react to situations like covid which happens once every 500 years. 

The strategy we mentioned here is not just about results, but also about input that leads to the results. Several big tech companies announced that their employees will be working from home without any dates of when they will come back. This is the lifestyle we must adapt to. As you may know, the ecommerce industry is very busy at the moment. Working longer hours while getting paychecks cut is one of the ways most businesses are adjusting to the pandemic. We believe that time needs to be invested in return for something more. 

Every customer is different, time is not the issue for us, we will work hard to maintain our relationship with our customers.


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