Profit from your feedback --130

During this momentous time, the entire eCommerce industry is running the show during this holiday season. With an increase in sales, the volume of customer calls and emails have also skyrocketed, this is especially true now thanks to the effects of the pandemic. We have noticed that many customers cannot wait for their packages to arrive to them in time for the holidays. But that is not what I want to talk about today. What I do want to share with you today is the amount of feedback we have received from our customers as well as the number for customers that have reached out to us has helped us identify and fix any questions or concerns in regards to certain products. 

An example of this actually happened recently when one customer has called us and inquired about a product that we sell. The price on the item was a great price but the thing was that the price was also the lowest when compared to similar products on the entire marketplace. The customer had reached out just to make sure that what they were seeing was indeed real and not a mistake since she was hesitant to place the order. Of course, we did a check on the listing to make sure that the price was correct and our results came back that it was indeed the correct price, that it was just how we sell the item based on our operating cost. It was probably more eye catching since we made this decision to increase its visibility on the marketplace, which leads to a high conversion rate. 

We want to take this moment to thank all the customers who have contacted us with their concerns or issues that they have encountered. At Linkstyle, we began with not much to our name and now everyday, we are growing thanks to our customers and that is how their faith in us pushes us to go the extra mile on the way to success.

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