Problem Solving Sklils ---035

When it comes it customer service, there are many ways to approach a problem. For example, when a customer calls us about a problem with their product, we have to think on our feet and consult them through all the steps they should or can take. There is a little bit of pressure on our shoulders to find the correct answer.

Problem-solving skills are necessary to provide good customer service. How would you feel if the representative you are talking to doesn’t know what to do? It is important for us to guide the customers towards a happy resolution.

However, it isn’t always a happy resolution. We may meet an unhappy customer once in a while who is asking for more than we can give. At times like this, we may feel inclined to give the customer much more than he/she deserves. But in the end, we have to follow our policies, so even if the customer is left unhappy, it is not always possible to solve every situation even with the perfect problem-solving skills, therefore, what we are doing is providing high-quality products and kind service to avoid the problem from happening in the first place. Having high-quality products and good service is the key to lessening inbound calls and problems.

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