Potential Customer ---030

In the e-commerce industry, it’s quite difficult to attract customers to our marketplace and expect them to spend a few bucks before leaving. The competition in this business is very strong. Most customers will often end up buying dein a big name store or brand, and as a result, won’t take much effort to browse other stores. Therefore, we are really thankful for every customer who tried to reach us, even if it was about a complaint or argument.

We try our best to solve any dissatisfaction our customers have. I believe that leaving a good impression, even if the customer did not buy anything, is good for the company. If the customer is shopping another store, we are still open to assist them. Following good values can be beneficial to us and the shopper. Creating a friendly atmosphere keeps the relationship strong between the customer and the company. Even if the customer did not purchase anything from us, we want to believe that anyone who reaches out to us has the potential to be a customer.  Therefore, we will treat every inquiry with equal consideration.

For example, a customer orders an item for their friend but it was the wrong one, we will be glad to refund the order. However, in the end, the customer would not be satisfied. Time was wasted in ordering the item, postage fees, and the lengthy refund process. In order to compensate for the customer’s loss, we like to go the extra step in order to satisfy him or her. Even if we do not have the correct item, we will still suggest items from other sellers. It may not be the smartest way to make money, but we believe it’s the warmest. Most companies would not think about it, but we believe that leaving a positive impact on shoppers can turn them into potential customers. It is easy to overlook the small things someone does for you, but small things can add up quick.

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