Performance with A Style ---086

The name Linkstyle is a combination of the words link and style. Why does a name matter so much? Let me tell you. The name is synergistic with a company’s brand. A catchy name will appeal to customers. For example, would you buy from a user store called “scamgang69?” I wouldn’t. Establishing a catchy name while also maintaining professionalism is the foundation of building a brand. 

When we were coming up with a name like Linkstyle, we wanted to incorporate our products to the meaning of our name. We sell personal electronics, household items, and other parts. What do these items all have in common? It’s used in everyday life. A combination of items to make your day manageable and more functional. That’s where we got LINK from. We want our products to have a connection. Products that have utility and practicality. This is what the connotations of link can refer to. Products that are reliable and strong. 

How did we come up with style? Well, there’s a simple answer to that. We believe that our products are unique. Unique products that you don’t see every day in retail stores. Whatever niche item you may find here, we may have it. From home decor, to random gadgets and accessories, it will not disappoint you. It’s sure to add style to your daily lives. We thought that the combination of link and style would make sense. A bridge, or connection, to another world of products that are sure to spice up your life. EXPERIENCE LIFE WITH STYLE!

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