Package Delay, but Service Delivery ---129

As this holiday season continues on, one may ask what seems to be the big difference between this year and last year’s holiday season. The answer: a pandemic gripping the world. And with that comes more and more people staying at home and ordering items online. Because of this, we have seen an increase in people buying from us online but we recently received a notice from all the major carriers stating that due to employee limitations from the pandemic, there have been a lot of delays with packages reaching customers. This news brings us sadness as well as a feeling of helplessness since we feel sorry for our customers who have purchased items and holiday gifts from us and are seeing them get delayed. We understand that our customers expect their orders to reach them soon, however the one thing that can promise on our end is our service to our customers. All of our customer support team is here and will be there for you during these times. Please reach out to us anytime you have any concerns in regards to your order or a product that you are interested in. We will be here to help you without delay and will provide the best solutions for any issues that you encounter. 

Here at Linkstyle, we humbly take any worse situation and we learn from it so that we can make improvements moving forward and while we do believe that we can do more than just sell products, we can also sell our services to our customers as well. 

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