Not Just A Sport

UFC is a sport that I like to follow passionately. What other sports involve beating each other’s ass? I find UFC interesting because the skills to compete in that sport can be used in real life such as self defense or preventing an armed robbery. You know what would make UFC even more extreme? If the organization allowed weapons such as kendo sticks and knives. I feel like there would be more strategy involved and the primal instincts to survive are heightened even further. Anyways, back on topic, what can we learn from UFC?

UFC is not just for entertainment value but we also learn some things from UFC that can apply to our store. Don’t believe us? First of all, how do you win a fight? You just have to outlast the opponent and throw more strikes. How did we apply that to our business? Well, it’s quite simple. We never give up, even if we lose half our profits from one customer, we will keep going. We know that it may not be profitable in the short run selling some of our difficult to use items, but in the long run it can work out. It’s like training for a match and you want the training to pay off. If you lose, then you can win another day. The training is a fundamental foundation that builds the character permanently.

At Linkstyle, we always lose the fight, but we never lose the battle. Due to that reason, we will stand on top. Even if our business stagnates, our great-great-great grandchildren will inherit it and keep carrying the torch. Never give up! Linkstyle will succeed!!!!!!


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