New Experiences ---020

Summer seems to be almost over. Time flies by fast. Compared to last year’s blockbuster movies, this year’s does not seem to live up to the standards of last year. For many students’ summer vacation, it should be the last thing on their mind, however I think this it's a special opportunity to get more insights and learn more about B-grade cinema.

It is not easy to persuade your friend’s to see an unpopular movie since not much is interested in it. On the other hand, I believe it can be a new experience for many. It doesn’t always hurt to try something new, and even if you are not satisfied from the movie, you may learn a thing or two about it. And because it is unpopular, it may be easy for it to exceed your expectations.

One of the main reasons why movies are so popular is the budget. When we watch high budget movies, we are accustomed to the amazing effects and quality of work. Using CGI and special effects have became a standard in the movie industry. Once in a blue moon, we might watch a low budget/unpopular movie and it may surprise us since we are used to watching popular films.

I believe this can be a learning experience because we can see how the movie is made with different elements. That can be the experience itself. To see how scenes are directed from the eyes of another filmmaker. We all have different standards for every graded aspect in our life. That cannot be helped.

I believe that testing the waters can only bring new experiences to the audience. Appreciating each movie can stimulate different ways of thinking which allows us to think deeper about a subject. Just like the product on Linkstyle, It may not easy to resonate with everyone, but when we choose a product to sell, we hope that our customers can experience a new lifestyle after using this product.

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