New Beginnings ---026

Big brands have their own stories which are inspiring and touching. I believe these stories can reinforce and drive the company to be better and last longer. As a start-up company ourselves, we know how difficult it is to work from the ground up and into a successful growing company. The road to success isn’t always perfect.

The origins of Linkstyle began as a humble business. At this time, e-commerce was rapidly developing. More and more people were shopping online every single day. As a result, the number of parcels that were distributed increased. At Linkstyle, it started with a delivery driver. He is one of my best friends who has worked in the e-commerce business for years. During a typical day of work, he complained to me that many of the parcels were light and were packed in large boxes. The efficiency was not the best. When he was delivering it, he can already tell that the contents inside were damaged. The customer also noticed that the item was damaged and began to complain, even though it was not my friend’s fault. There was not much he can do in that situation.

We realized that this problem not only affects the delivery driver’s general mood at work, but also the customer’s disappointment with the service, as well as the negative impacts on the environment due to over packaging.

As a result, we have learned how to adapt and solve problems throughout the years. We use better and more efficient packaging to ensure the safety of your products. It is important for our customers to feel secure that their package will be delivered with care, using less packaging while increasing efficiency. Here at Linkstyle, we want to link our customers to different lifestyles and also connect them to new experiences. As I mentioned before, the road to success isn’t always perfect. We, and also others, can learn a thing or two from the stories we tell.

Here at Linkstyle, we use packaging to protect the safety of your products and reach the customers by reducing the burden on delivery personnel, pass our joy to every customer through our high-quality requirements and use packaging to express our care for the earth with less but efficient proper shipping. LinkStyle, our style that links us to motivate for a better future, the healthier planet, the happier client, and the warm-hearted shopping experience.

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