Moving locations

As a small company, we continue to improve and expand our business so that it can continue to grow. That also means expanding our business to new locations. As we grow, sometimes the old locations are no longer suitable for our operations. Since we have grown as a business, we are now expanding our operations. What this does is that we can now reach out to more people as well as carry more items and be sure that we do not run into issues where an item is out of stock. This will also allow us to be in more locations, thereby reducing the time it will take for your order to reach you. It will also help us improve in the way we reach out to you, our customers as this move will allow us to improve on our communications and to reach out to customers so that there isn’t a delay in our response time. We here at Linkstyle, value and put our customers above everything else and while we may be expanding our operations, you can be rest assured that we will continue to respond and reach out to you in time and to always be there to help and answer any questions that you may have for us.  

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