Market segmentation ---075

We take every feedback seriously, especially after careful observation of the shopping experience of our customers. Most of the reviews we receive are either positive or negative, but they both have the same point: the quality is cheap. Some people think that you get what you pay for, a cheap item is the face value of its quality. Other people say that the reason why it’s so cheap is that its a fake item or it just has low quality. 

The purpose of writing this blog is not a response to those feedbacks. We just want to let our valued customers know what Linkstyle is doing and what our goal is. The way we segment the market is that we tend to focus on the average consumer who is looking for products that are normal quality while also affordable. Products that get the job done. It doesn’t need to be luxurious or super high quality. That’s out of budget for many people. We aim for consumers who want reliable products that can also do the job of what many high-end products can do. This type of behavioral segmentation is very popular, and we want to appeal to this type of consumer. For most of us, we also think alike. We want products that are reliable and affordable. There is no need to buy something super expensive that also has the same functions as something half the price.

However, this market brings a lot of challenges and competition. People compare the price, images, and description and think we are all the same. Part of the large group of China sellers who ship and sell items to the US. But what makes us different is that we go through intensive quality checks and make sure the products we sell are indeed meaningful and purposeful. The products you are buying from us may not be industrial-grade quality, but it will do what it says and it will serve you well. To make this available for everyone, we opt to sell them at a price that’s attractive to our type of consumers.

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