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Being able to take a risk in anything is always something that will scare people. Whether it is trying to learn something new or putting all your faith into something that is untested or has never been done before. Sometimes, it would be good and sometimes it would be bad. Today, I will be telling a story of how I took a risk in business and how that can translate into being successful in business.  

This was probably a few years back. I was working for a solar company that was just starting out in the area. They were a small company and I was brought on as a sort of assistant/manager of sorts. I was mainly tasked with helping the sales people get customers so that they can get them to purchase solar panels while also helping the installation team with managing their projects and helping them get ready for the installations. When I started working, there were a lot of issues that had to be dealt with. There was little communication between everyone and there was a disorganization on what needed to be done and so on. After a few weeks working there, I could already tell that something needed to be done or else this company was going to collapse. So, it was then that I had to take a risk to be able to save the company. I approached my manager one day and told him that I would like to do an overhaul on the communication system that the company had and make it more streamline so that we can have better communication amongst everyone. Of course, this was no easy task but with the problems that we were having, we had to take the risk. My manager approved the idea and began to work. First, I was able to convince everyone to download a messaging app so that we can all be able to communicate with one another more efficiently. I then made a bin where all the installation plans would go in the order of which had the most priority. All these changes took about a week to be able to fully implement and afterwards, our productivity went up by around 50%. Things were moving much more smoothly and communication between everyone was a lot better than before. We were able to get more sales as well as installations were going more smoothly than before. Along with this, customer satisfaction also went up as we were able to get to customers in a much quicker fashion, thereby increasing customer interaction. 

This risk was able to work with me as it allowed the company to grow over time but sometimes they will not work in your favor. It’s always good to remember that taking risks will always have its positives as well as its negatives. You are going to have to be prepared for any outcome that may come from it. Taking risks can either be good or bad for your business so hope for the best and expect the worst. 


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