Making Compromises ---060

At Linkstyle, we have several goals that we aim to accomplish. However, some goals have priority over others. Our most important goal above all situations is to keep customer satisfaction high. Aside from that, still have to find a balance in reducing the cost of our sales while keeping our customers happy.

There may be some conflict regarding customer service where the customer does not always find the best solution. In this case, we may have to compromise, and as a result, operate at a loss. Too many returns can cut our profits, so finding a balance is important to continue running a business. Example, during peak season, the return rate during this period is naturally higher due to the higher volume of sales. The number of unsatisfied customers increases but we will try our best to keep everyone happy because a high satisfaction rate can reduce cost in the long run. One could say it’s a conflict with a profitable business model, but if we do not make compromises, there will be less sustainability.

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