Maintaining Work-life Balance-- 109

The first thing that pops into my head when I hear that my boss is going on vacation is “awesome” because it's a great opportunity to work as hard as usual but without supervision. My main point is about being over-managed, so even though I am still working while the boss is on vacation, I almost feel like I’m on vacation too. Back to the word “awesome” I mentioned in the beginning, actually, it has multiple meanings, not just benefits for employees. From the company’s perspective, the substitute employee would be given an opportunity to learn new skills in that role. The training cost is basically insignificant compared to the recovery benefits. Of course, substitute employees should not feel it is an extra burden assigned by other employees on vacation, because vacation is the right of every employee (which means you will also have the opportunity to create a "burden" for others). Should be more positive, the extra work is an opportunity to gain new skills even do it better. Companies should not only look at the cost of employees' vacations, but also focus on the benefits of employees' vacations, which is where we at Linkstyle create the most value from our business culture.   I strongly agree that overworking under management can lead to employee burnout and adversely affect employees and employers. An employer may not be responsible for providing employees with work-life balance, but they can help and encourage them to maintain their balance. Providing a healthy work-life balance is the key to reducing employee burnout and increasing employee productivity. Employees who control work and personal life are more likely to be satisfied at work and perform better, which in turn benefits the company. 

On the other hand, encouraging employees to take short breaks is also very important. Due to the increased sense of competition in the workplace, most employees will avoid breaks in order to stay at the highest level and show their commitment. However, contrary to instinct, rest is actually better for productivity. Rest can enhance creativity and maximize concentration. 

Encouraging employees to take a break during the working day is especially important. Whether it's a walk outside or meditation at lunchtime, taking a break can help staff reduce stress and make them feel refreshed during the workday. People staring at their monitors for eight hours a day can cause eye problems due to too much blue light exposure. Resting can improve mental clarity and reduce the effects of burnout. In the long term, encouraging employees to pursue a work-life balance is very valuable to a company.


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