Made In Other Countries ---014

   An increasing number of people begin to discuss to whether people should buy things made in their own country, even if they are more expensive than things made in other countries, and many people air their opinions based on their own value systems. The majority of people tend to claim people should support the brand made in their own country. However, does the claim really ring true, confirming the real situation? I find myself not on the same wavelength with it.

   There are a bunch of reasons to support my perspective. To begin with, the things made in their own country should be cheaper. Besides, quality may not better and 

cost you more in the long run. Although some people may claim validity that to purchase things made in their own country as a support; however, they fail to consider some truth conditions. People may spend more money to buy something but the quality is poor than other countries. On top of that, people should choose products from various countries. 

   Of course, there may be some people who may disagree with my position on this matter. They may say that people should buy goods produce from their own country, even if they are more costly than things made in other countries. However, I think the reasons I have provided in favor of my point of view are stronger.

Here at Linkstyle, price doesn't determine quality. we are not just competing on low price, we also looking for the highest quality product to sell which is the best way to keep our customer satisfied and coming back. 


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