Love of the Game ---011


Why does the World Cup matter so much?

The answer varies between casual spectators to hardcore fans observing their countries fight it out in a sport.

The World Cup is the top 10 most popular and followed topic recently.  Millions of people from around the world are watching the game, fans alike take off work or school to watch their respective nation or favorite team go against another to claim the world cup. Fanatics walking on the road looking at the live broadcast causes traffic accidents, Diehards do not even sleep at night to watch games in a different time zone. All for the sole fact of wanting to support their own favorite player, see the professional skills of the players on the field or win money from gambling.

However, not being familiar with football, I do not know how to play nor the technical rules. When watching the game, I was still touched by the pure love of the game that the happiness of their home team scoring with the crowd full of emotion was picked up by the s
eismometer. What magical power makes me willing to watch the full game? This is the kind of heartfelt, united attitude of every athlete on the court. No matter win or lose, they all strive to persist until the last minute. How will this perseverance, spirit, and team awareness even lose the game? They still get applause from hundreds of millions of people, because the process has exceeded the result.


I believe this is the value of football, just like our corporate culture. Although we are a small brand now, we have great persistence until the very end from product selection, quality check, packaging to customer satisfaction, we all hold a great spirit of service. This is how we are expressing thanks, showing gratitude to our customers for choosing to trust us.

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