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Finally, we have our own eBay store. One could say, it’s pretty easy to open a store on eBay or other marketplaces. Yes, that’s 100 percent right and we respect it.

However, though we have many years of business experience, we totally understand how highly competitive it is in the e-commerce field. Therefore, what we are concerned about is finding a purpose for an additional online store. It may be for more revenue, profit or market share, but it’s hard to say. In the business world, more sales equal more money, and that’s how our business can sustain in the long term. So if we want to calculate the factors that result in revenue, we can take the formula below:

Revenue = average traffic*conversion rate* average order value

Here is the point, what if we want to put “Linkstyle’ into the formula? How can we incorporate our culture, story, and belief to our business strategy to make a profit? It feels kind of philosophical. We want to define our store with a warm personality instead of just selling under a name. If there is something we learned on our journey, it is that a successful business is not the only one that makes the most profit, it is also the one who makes the most customers.

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