Lessons learned from living with strangers ---115

Like many people around the world, I attend college that is far away from my hometown. Which also meant that for the first time in my life, I would be living with others that aren’t my immediate family. And the thought of that quite scared me to be honest. The unknown of whether I would be able to enjoy living with my roommates or not, how they act around people, all kinds of questions were going through my mind as the date to move in was drawing near. Then came the day, it was moving in day for new students. As we were moving in my stuff into my new student apartment, it was there that I met my first housemate. Though it wasn’t really your normal first impression. He was chilling in our shared living room, shirtless. Suffice to say that is one hell of a first impression. After settling in, that first night I went with my roommates to get dinner and from there we began to foster a relationship of trust.

Granted there were things that many of us had to get used to. One of which is pretty much, everyone being responsible for doing their own. There will be some cases where someone would just leave their dishes in the sink and not wash them for a while and since no one wanted to take the responsibility of washing someone else’s stuff, the dishes remained there for weeks. It took some time but eventually we all began to develop our social skills and our speaking skills so that we can articulate our thoughts and explain them. We also learned to be patient with one another as there may be times where we asked someone to do something but it will be a while until the task is done. Overall, the experiences that I had while living away from home helped build me with who I am today.

Now, you may ask yourself, how does this have anything to do with our company? Well, it is thanks to these experiences that helped me develop a good work ethic. One of which is to be respectful and mindful of others' space and life, to be able to be patient and not lose your temper at the smaller things. It helped me also develop the speaking skills needed to communicate with customers as well as being able to learn things quickly and efficiently. Lastly, it has helped me be able to deal with individuals who may take a bit longer to learn tasks and duties. So, while living away from home may be a bit tough at first, the lessons that you will learn from the experience will define how your work ethic is whether that be a good work ethic or a bad work ethic. 


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