Making a mistake is the harshest way of learning how to do something. When you are starting a business, making any type of mistake can be a risky lesson, especially when there are stakes involved. For a new business, early mistakes can lead to an early failure. Historical events are logged for us to learn from the great giants. Before diving into a concept you do not know much about, it is advisable to study how businesses can fail. 

When Linkstyle first started, it wasn’t an easy task to manage. Building something from nothing requires tremendous luck and grit. At first, we weren’t getting too many sales, as expected. We realized that we were lacking competence and understanding of the market. We noticed the first step wasn’t about getting sales, it was about gathering positive feedback and keeping our customers happy. In time, the sales will come, but first, the customers are the priority. 

Knowing this fact, we were able to start picking up business. It is important to understand the business you work in. You have to have a great relationship with your clients, otherwise, the model is not sustainable. Some stores determine their success by numbers. Get the client. Make the transaction. Say goodbye. We asked ourselves if spending too much effort on customer service will pay off. Once you know your business is successful, it is hard to believe that it can fail. In reality, anything can fail at any time. If you have a strong foundation of loyal customers, it acts as a cushion for that potential failure. On the other hand, if you do not build relationships with your customers, the business could run dry fast.

After building Linkstyle, we learned and improved upon our system of communication. Mistakes are easily made, but what you learn from them is what can be crucial to success.

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