Kindness Pays Off ---080

In some situations, we would approve a return from a customer, but they end up sending the wrong item back to us. Usually, it’s an item from a different seller, a common mistake. Anyways, the customer purchased two doorbell cameras. One was from us and another one was from another seller. The prices for the two cameras were $40 and $140 respectively. We approved her return and she sent us the $140 camera instead of the $40 camera. We ended up throwing it away because it wasn’t the item tat we sold her and we could not hold it due to inventory spacing issues. The customer contacted us and asked where her refund of $140 is. We reminded her that we did not receive our item back, this camera was from another seller, and so we could not give her a refund and could not be held responsible for her mistake.

After days of back and forth, we came to the conclusion that the customer did order almost $200 of items and did not receive a refund, while also mistakenly shipping away the products to incorrect addresses, and so, we decided to send her a brand new $140 camera and also refund her the $40 camera that she purchased from us. Even though we lost money, we believe that keeping our customer happy is more important than profits. Life is too short. Kindness will pay off soon. It’s best to make more friends, not enemies. 


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