Key to Success: Preparation ---119

In my old company, one of the traits that we were lacking in was preparation. I worked in sales and most of our orders were done over the phone since we were a fairly large industrial manufacturer who mainly worked with larger clients. The call mostly details information about the product, pricing, installment plans, and other general information. 

One thing we did not account for was an increase of sales during the Q4 season. Usually, companies would hire seasonal workers for this period in order to fill the gaps for increased demand. This was not the case for us. In order to meet the demand, we ended up working double shifts to take orders. Calls were coming in left and right and we were unable to handle the pace. Clients were constantly on hold, some of them went to voicemail, and several have dropped the line already. Hiring a new employee would take time to train and learn the services that the company provides. Not preparing for events like this puts strain on the company and potentially creates a leakage of sales. 

At Linkstyle, we do our best to maintain our workflow in order to operate smoothly. We are conscious of the season that’s coming and we will do our best to deliver all your orders on time and your questions answered. 


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