Keep Writing Our Story ---038

It’s almost the end of the year so we want to take this moment and look back on 2018 to see how far we got. In the beginning of 2018, Amazon gave Linkstyle the opportunity to register as a brand on their platform. Amazon’s Brand Registry program helps us protect our brand and allows our customers to better understand who we are as a seller. It provides our customers the chance to reach us outside of Amazon. As a result, we were able to start our own website which lets customers know not just what we sell, but also who we are, our values, our goals, and our ideas. That was one of our big goals for 2018: to create a brand worth buying from.

2019 is almost here and naturally there will be more and more sellers joining the ecommerce field. We know there will be more competition next year, however that does not stop us from expanding our business. There is always room for improvement. It is hard to think of improvements if there is less competition. In the end, we are eager to see what 2019 will bring us.

We understand that nothing is guaranteed, so we won’t boast about what we can be. However, we will put our best efforts into attracting new customers and most importantly keeping our loyal customers. Thank you for a year of support! See you all next year!

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